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It’s all in the clicks!

I have to give credit to a workmate for this tip. When I have windows tiled, I want to see certain windows in certain places. Take for example, the following screen:


This is nice, but MY preference is to have the plan view on the larger window. So, I tried to physically move the windows around.


It’s not elegant and take A LOT more mouse clicks, drags to get it the way you want. Plus, if you type the keyboard shortcut for Window Tile (WT), you STILL get the undesirable result


Grrrrr! @#$!!!, etc.! So what does one do? The answer is quite simple and once you figure it out, you will have one of those “Why couldn’t I figure it out myself” moments. The secret is in clicking! 🙂 The FIRST click is what will appear in the right-most window, the NEXT click is the one that will appear on the BOTTOM LEFT window, and the last click will appear on the UPPER LEFT window.


After you have clicked the windows in the REVERSE order as shown above, type WT (Windows Tile), annnnnnnnnd VOILA!!!

I performed a Zoom Extents (ZE) on each window, but it sure is better than move, drag, click,click, drag, resize, etc. Hope this helps!