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I want to hear from you!

Hello to all my readers/followers. Sorry that I haven’t written any new and juicy information lately. It’s just that work has been (and still is) very busy. I have been putting in on the average of 60 hour work weeks including Saturday. But its all good as it is getting my feet more immersed in the Revit MEP pond.

While at work, a comment was raised that led to other pondering about Revit, and specifically Revit MEP. The comment was to his boss that we as a company can be more profitable by using plain AutoCAD over Revit on projects. Historically, according to the employee, we have ‘lost our shirt’ on Revit projects. When I talk Revit projects, I am talking about 100% use of Revit MEP. Our firm is a consulting engineer type firm; we do not have Architectural, Structural in-house, and our deliverables go to contractors. I am looking for all types of firms, but am really interested in hearing from the latter.

So, this is the genesis of a study that I would like to conduct. If you have time, I would appreciate your honest feedback. I am looking for user in the MEP field; those who use Revit 100%, and those who have used Revit, but either use it on a mixed basis with AutoCAD. Please cut and paste what follows below, and email the results to I PROMISE you that your email will not be used for anything other than the vessel for your comments. It will not go any further. When I have received a sufficient amount of feedback, I will compile it and release my findings here on this blog. And if you want, I will keep your identity anonymous.

I think you in advance for the time you have taken to respond. Please pass this to anyone that you feel would be a good fir for this study.

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  1. I have been using Revit MEP for _________ years (months).
  2. I have been using AutoCAD for ________ years (months).
  3. Thinking about my company, we are involved more with __________ for a final product: (check as many as applicable or add your own)
    A. contractors
    B. owners
    C. agencies
  4. Thinking about your company as a whole, how skilled is your company in Revit MEP? AutoCAD?
  5.  If you are in a mixed environment, what is your companies’ productivity gain/loss using 100% Revit MEP? AutoCAD?
  6. Was your company Revit training:
    A. from an outside vendor (you travelled to their place for training)
    B. from an outside vendor (they came in-house)
    C. in-house formal training from an in-house employee
    D. online training
    E. from a supplied book
    F. from a book or materials you had to purchase
    G. I learned it on my own
    H. What training?
  7. What is your companies’  main reason for using Revit MEP?
  8. What is your companies’ main reason for NOT using Revit MEP?
  9. What is the biggest pitfall for your company using Revit MEP?
  10. What is the biggest pitfall for your company using AutoCAD in an MEP environment?
  11. If using Revit MEP 100%, do you use the 3D feature to:
    A. Impress the client/owner
    B. Impress yourself/other co-workers
    C. Coordination between disciplines
    D. Other
  12. Do you use the engineered calculations (such as loads) in Revit MEP?
  13. If #12 above is yes, do you TRUST those calculations in Revit MEP?
  14. How many times a week does Revit malfunction or you find unknown reasons why it does what it does for you?
  15. How many times a week does AutoCAD malfunction or you find unknown reasons what it does what it does  for you?
  16. If using AutoCAD for MEP work, does your company use specialized lisp routines that aid the design?
  17. Do you use ‘the cloud’ for your MEP work?
  18. What is your opinion on the future of AutoCAD in a BIM world?
  19. What improvements to Revit would you like to see as a company?
  20. Any other comments