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The case of the disappearing keynote

The case you are about to read is real, the names, and some specifics have changed to protect the unlearned.

The background on this peculiar case is this was an old Revit MEP 2010 project brought into Revit MEP 2012. The architect and owner decided to use the EXACT same plan for a new facility with the following exceptions:

  • The building was mirrored
  • The building was flipped

So, while it is the same building, things got interesting for us in the MEP world. Besides flipping of ducts, pipes, etc. we had to split the building into four areas to fit on the newer (smaller) title sheets  (that is a clue for later).

Everything was going along swimmingly, when we noticed that some of our keynote tags had nothing in them.

At first we thought that perhaps the keynote itself or keynote file got corrupted during the switch. this proved to be incorrect.

Clicking on the keynote and then looking at the Properties palette proved we weren’t going crazy.

So, our next thought was: let’s just delete the old one and add in a new one. So that is what we have done. But as you can see, it made no difference.

So, we go to thinking that perhaps since it was so close to the overlapping areas, that it might be confused as to which number to add since each area is a separate sheet.

EDIT: This will also occur if the item you are tagging with a keynote continues on another view, such as duct.

BINGO! That was the issue! So, what we did was to create a keynote further in the drawing, change the leader to be a free End, and then go on with life. Hope this may have helped solve this mystery.