Tools (like AutoCAD) that I wish Revit MEP had – Snapang

So, I know it’s been a while since I blogged, but work and family come first. Presently working 70-80 hours a week and attending to family issues have my time.

As I am working in Revit MEP (2012), I am faced with situations that in AutoCAD were quite easy to do, but are either non-existent or running through hoops (workarounds) to get it to work. So, I thought I’d  put out a quickie blog post on one of these. SNAPANG.

Let’s face it, our buildings are more and more becoming less  X-Y perpendicular to the page. What I mean is I’m working on a school project where there is a main section of the school that is horizontal to the page, but there are also spokes or appendages coming out from it. These wings are not perpendicular to the page. Laying out ducts and pipes when the view is not horizontal is a challenge to put it mildly. Yes, the snaps do work, but if I am modifying a wing due to the architect now changing that wing’s angle, it is almost like I want to erase everything and start afresh. That really is not practical wince the ductwork and piping are already drawn in.

If I was working on AutoCAD, it would be a non-issue – just type snapang and set the angle. When done, set it back. But Revit (as far as I can detect) does not offer anything like that. So what is one to do? What is the workaround?

Well, what *I* have done is extensive use of detail lines (DL) and then ALigning the duct to those detail lines. Yes, it is a drawn-out process, but yes, it does work. But the subject of this blog post is things that I wish Revit MEP had in it – this is one of them that would make life simpler.

If you know of another methods/workarounds that I most certainly may have overlooked, please respond! Thanks for viewing my blogs and thanks for the kind words of encouragement. It does help. 🙂


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6 responses to “Tools (like AutoCAD) that I wish Revit MEP had – Snapang

  • Justin Black

    If you turn on the workplane, you can then align it to be parallel and perpendicular to your building (spoke). That should negate the need for so many detail lines and reference planes.

  • Tim

    You could duplicate the views – make your own working views that are rotated orthagonal to make your life easier

  • Joe

    There are two ways I would approach this, the first would be to create a project file for each of the angled buildings, with their own project north orientation, then link those buildings to a single host or site project file, all modelling, detailing and annotation for the individual buildings resides in the individual building files and are referenced in the host file (by linked view, refer visibility graphics, revit links). The buildings in the host file can then be rotated to any angle, without affecting the project north orientation of the building file. All sheets reside in the host, so that you have a single coordinated drawing list.
    The second option is to create scope boxes for the angled buildings, and rotate the scope box to the project north orientation of the individual buildings.

    I just read the date of the last post so this is probably too late, but may help for a future project?

  • Andy

    There is a quick way, which I use a lot.
    First Duplicate the view
    Turn on the crop region in the properties palette
    Now select the modify tab at the top and rotate the cropped region to suit your needs,
    Hey presto a rotated view, just remember to annotate in your original view

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