Tagging Rooms all at once

When you use a model in your MEP drawing from an Architectural link, chances are there are room names associated with it. And we really do want to see those room names in our model too.

So, it took me a bit of playing around to figure this out (remember, I am a Revit newbie). At first, I saw the Room Tag (RT for typers) tool in the Annotate tab.

This is fine, but it only does one room at a time. We could do that, but we are trying to be productive. So how does one get all the room names in on a view at one time? The secret involves the tool called Tag All. Actually, if you hover over the tool name, you get a better feel for what this tool actually does (Tag All Not Tagged).


So, by bringing up the Tag All tool, you get a dialog which might look confusing at first. Three are a slew of categories (based on what is in your model, how you set your template up, etc.) and their associated tags.

We are interested in this post for room tags. Drill down through the list until you see the Room Tags category. In our example, we have two different room tags available. We only want the room name to appear, so we’ll choose just the room Tag loaded tag.

There are some options for creating these room tags, such as creating a leader and orientation. There is one very important item we need to check here before proceeding. The check box that says ‘Include elements from linked files’ must be checked. We are grabbing the room names from our linked Architectural model.

Click OK, annnnnnnnnnnd………… nothing happens! 🙂

Alright, I lead you on. There is one important step you must do. In order for this to work, you must have the crop region visible. Toggle the Crop region so that it is on and then try the Tag All tool  again.

Ahhh, much better! With the Tag all tool, we have only performed a small portion of what this tool can do to help simplify and streamline annotation for you. Hope this tidbit helped.





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