Revit commands – ALIGN

I’m going to start posting some of my favorite (and least favorite) Revit MEP commands and tools that either AutoCAD doesn’t have or has but is different. This installment is on the Revit MEP ALIGN command.

In the example above, I have 2 rectangular ducts that I wish to put them on the same plane or elevation. You can find the Align tool in the Modify tab, or simply type AL (remember, no return key here).

The first prompt is: Please select line or point reference for alignment. This is simply asking you to select the first object that the second will be aligned to.

The next prompt is: Please select an entity to align (it will move into alignment with the reference). Can’t explain that one any clearer. 😉That’s basically it! Type AL, 2 clicks – done! Well, almost. Looks CAN be deceiving. Lets cut a section and see what the problem is:

You can see that while the ducts are lined up in one view, they are not in another. If you were to join those two ducts together in that view, you would end up with some weird transition, or perhaps it wouldn’t allow the connection at all. These are things to keep any eye out for when you are aligning.

to fix this, just run the ALign command again on the other view. Note that aligning rectangular ducts or equipment, you can (most of the time) align using the edges of the duct or equipment. When working with round duct or pipes, the connection point will always be to the center. A wishlist for me would be that there would be an option to allow it to align in all views to the same planes.

The AutoCAD equivalent for doing the same things is the move with osnap set to near or endpoint. You CAN use the Revit Move command, but this just seems to work better, in my opinion. And the AutoCAD Align command really has nothing in common with the Revit Align command – go figure.  See you next time with


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