Monthly Archives: December 2011

Warning! Warning! Newbie Alert!

My purpose for starting this blog is sort of selfish. It is not my intention to publicly announce this blog. But it is open for anyone to peek in. This is more or less my advances and stumbles learning both Revit Architecture and Revit MEP.

The stuff I write about will be pretty much basic stuff that probably has been answered 3 or 4 times over in the AutoCAD Revit discussion groups as well in other peoples blogs. Of course, if I find something in someone else’s blog that I can relate to, I will give them full credit!

I will warn you that I have started several other blogs, starting off strong and then just dying. Honestly, to write a blog effectively with new, interesting and compelling information can pretty much consume a person’s free time. One of my New Years Resolutions (goals) is to write in a blog with some consistency. Right now, I have all the time in the world, but am (ironically for the purposes of blog writing) hoping that changes rapidly.

Read the ‘about me’ section to find out more about me and my journey to land in the land of Revit.

And awaaaaay we go!